Team Regional Arts NSW

The Board of Regional Arts NSW
Julie Briggs (Chair), Paul Scott-Williams (Deputy Chair), David Dwyer (Treasurer), Bridget Guthrie, Travis Holland, Jane Kreis, Nicholas Pickard, Sarah Parsons.

Elizabeth Rogers | CEO & Executive Producer

Lexie Reeves | Grants & Projects
Pru Tan | Programs
Jessie Yin | Finance Officer

Scott Howie
| Arts Program Director
TBC | Opening Ceremony Director
Belinda King | King Events, Event Management
Peter Papandrea | Good Crew, Production Manager
David Bleach | Event Creative
Zoe Warden | C7EVEN, Publicity



Team Eastern Riverina Arts

The Board of Eastern Riverina Arts
Anne Lowe (Chair), Elise Magrath (Vice Chair), Craig Richardson (Treasurer), Madeleine Scully, Ann Sutton, Dr Sue Wood, Claire Harris

Dr. Tim Kurylowicz | Executive Director
Kate Howarth | Communications Officer
Marcus Wright | Aboriginal Cultural Producer