Allison Reynolds

Allison Reynolds moved to a property north of Coonabarabran in 2011 after withdrawing from full-time work as a way to reduce Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and triggers.
After starting and selling a business and volunteering in various technical roles in the town she decided to turn to art, something she had always wanted to try. Local circumstances meant there was no accessible art group in town, so she decided to start one herself. Creatives Collective ARI was formed in 2017 and has gone from strength to strength. Allison remained president of the group until September this year, when she stepped down to allow other members experience in leadership and creating strategy for the group. In 2018 Allison conceived and managed the Articulate Festival, an arts and culture festival, under the banner of Creatives Collective. In 2019 she and the group renovated a historic retail shop space in the Coonabarabran CBD and opened SPACE as a social enterprise not-for-profit gallery and creative space. Allison is currently Director of SPACE and is pleased that after 12 months of operation (and despite COVID) it is self-supporting and becoming a tourist and local place of interest in a town hard hit by drought. Allison plans to spend more time doing, and immersing herself in, art in 2021.

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