Annie-renae Winters

Annie-renae Winters is a Kamilaroi woman who grew up on Wiradjuri/Durag land. She has worked in education within Sydney independent and private schools for over 10 years. She has run a not-for-profit design school focusing on Indigenous design in¬corporated into art education. She has been a tutor/lecturer in the Indigenous health faculty in Western Sydney for two years, and teaches primary aged classes in Western Sydney schools. Her current thesis is research looking at the strengths of Aboriginal culture and art within school-based programs.

Winters has been involved in the education outputs of Void since its first incarnation at UTS Gallery (25 September to 16 November 2018). She is a contributor to the Learning Resource and has run yarning circles in conjunction with this exhibition. Since working on the themes of this show, she has also brought concepts of the void and its multidimensional meaning into her own classroom.

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