Blake Selmes

Blake Selmes is a performer, director, designer, and musician with Goulburn’s Lieder Theatre Company. Blake directed all eleven of the Mighty Playwrights plays, along with performing, composing music, and editing the Mighty Playwrights documentary.
Blake’s most recent credits with the Lieder Theatre include the playing role of Winston in George Orwell’s 1984 earlier this year, and directing Pavel Kohout’s Fire in the Basement in 2019. In 2018 Blake travelled to the United States with the Lieder Theatre Company to perform at the American Association of Community Theatre’s Festival in Paradise, where he was awarded ‘outstanding performance in a central role’, one of 6 industry accolades awarded to the theatre’s original performance piece, Monochrome. In 2019 Blake reprised his Monochrome role in Poland at the Bramat Festival in Goleniow, and again for the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts.
In addition to his work with the Lieder Theatre, Blake is an experienced children’s entertainer and educator, has performed in Shakespeare festivals in Sydney, and performed and directed with Moresby Arts Theatre in Papua New Guinea.
A former early childhood music educator, Blake brings a wealth of theatre experience and a passion for working with children and young adults to the Mighty Playwrights Project.

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