Greg Angus

Greg Angus is an active member of Goulburn’s Lieder Theatre Company and is Curriculum Coordinator and Creative and Performing Arts teacher at Ss Peter & Paul’s Primary School in Goulburn NSW.
As a partner for the Mighty Playwrights Project, Greg developed the program with Goulburn Mulwaree Library and The Lieder Theatre Company. He was mentor to two young playwrights, assisted with prop and set design, composed music, and also performed multiple characters in several of the filmed performances.
Greg is a teacher, musician, actor, and artist, and an avid supporter of local arts organisations and events. He has collaborated with many schools, summer camps and community organisations in the US and Australia to launch or revive music, drama and visual arts programs, enabling many children and adults to experience live performance or showcase their own artwork for the first time.
Greg brings an extensive background in education and child development to the Mighty Playwrights Project. He was a recipient of a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in 1990 for his field research on “Toys as Tools for Cultural Education” in rural Zimbabwe and China. Since then, it has been his aim to fuse play, learning and the Arts.

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